HANDS Across the Sand: Gulfport residents take a stand for CLEAN ENERGY!

It’s been 2 months exactly since this event occurred. I’ve traveled, moved, and jumped through many hoops…my apologies for the delay in posting. I suppose it’s better late than never! HANDS originated in Florida and was founded by Dave Rauschkolb. For more information on the organization please visit www.handsacrossthesand.com.

In June I learned about the event that was to happen all over the country. I visited their website and much to my surprise saw one organized for New Orleans by the riverfront. I was pleased and decided to volunteer to be their event photographer. I continued to browse the website and shortly after messaging the NOLA organizer learned that Mississippi had a grand total of ZERO events planned. I couldn’t let this go. I wrote to the HANDS foundation right away and volunteered instead, to head my own event in Gulfport, MS. I couldn’t believe, that in the middle of the greatest human allowed environmental catastrophe that the Gulf Coast in MS had nothing going on. As my event was posted, others followed and MS ended with a handful of small, but powerful events. The gathering at Gulfport was incredibly successful! I had a goal of 100 people in the line and ended with 50, not including photographers, local and international reporters, and a few hands too small to hold.

I want to personally thank everyone that helped me organize this event, particularly Rachel Guillory and Raleigh Hoke from the Gulf Restoration Network. Glen Sanberg from the Sierra Club was also there with a TON of information, signage, and great energy…THANK YOU!

Well, Cheers my friends! I hope this event helped raise awareness in Gulfport and across the country. It was such a pleasant surprise to see folks from all around show up. We had folks travel from as far away as California! Thanks everyone for helping making this happen. I hope you find your smiling faces in the photographs…

Don’t forget to check out the site at www.handsacrossthesand.com for more information on upcoming events and how you can take action for clean energy!

Cheers! – G.Chapin

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One Response to “HANDS Across the Sand: Gulfport residents take a stand for CLEAN ENERGY!”

  1. Raleigh Hoke says:

    Great pictures and great job organizing the event! It was really cool see such a diverse crowd on the beach pushing for a clean energy future. Next time I see him, I’ll tell Glen Sandberg from the Sierra Club that you appreciated his support.